• http://macgizmoguy.com MGG

    I recently stumbled on a MEANINGLESS eHow article about “Bluetooth Cables” – You know, those imaginary wires you connect WIRELESS computing devices with.

    That’s just a sample of the GARBAGE they write about – and RANK for. I guess in this statement they’re bragging how much of their garbage still ranks well with Google, far better than it deserves to be. Well, may the next algo tweak send your empire into the dregs where it belongs. We don’t need ‘content’ inspired by keyword-frequency databases.

  • http://AppleSlut.com Tony Stocco

    Look at that quote – 2 sentences and 98 words and a big, ugly paragraph! They only produce content for the web right? Don’t they know to keep sentences & paragraphs short? Yuck.

  • http://www.echwa.com Damien Anderson

    ^ Ditto

  • http://searchenginereports.net Garry Egan

    Answers.com should be next on the chopping block IMO. You should see that the bulk of their content is just content titled with the phrases of inbound search queries with no content.