• http://www.wirestone.com kgamache

    Can’t this be solved by defaulting all searches to “safe search” and thus these “offensive” terms that have a large population of porn should be able to be filtered out to have only those relevant non-porn results come up. I guess the porn groups would try to game that system and screw with those results. Regardless it should be not a huge daunting task. Obviously it is more complex than my suggestions but it seems like that there are existing options to return accurate results.

  • aixtal

    Google does not filter only pornographic queries, but also queries that might be offensive to some groups. Unfortunately it is likely many queries starting with “lesbians” very often are. The same with “jews”, “black”, etc. for which you do not get any suggestions on google.com. Therefore, I do not think that this is a “bug”.

    I juste wrote a post about the French version where the filtering job is less thorough, and people get suggestions like “Jews are stingy”, “Blacks strink”, and so on.

    See: http://blog.veronis.fr/2010/09/google-jews-are-stingy-and-blacks-stink.html