• Michael Gray

    expanding on your [cocktail dress] example, you can get suggestions for [white cocktail dress] but not for [black cocktail dress] so I suspect they are using some additional logic, as well

  • http://sebastians-pamphlets.com/ SebastianX

    Matt Cutts said they might use the user’s search preferences later on: http://twitter.com/mattcutts/status/23937990215

  • btard

    There is also an large element of history and stored data used.

    Typing in “Jerry H” I got Jerry Hsu at number one with my stock browser and google log in. I moved to a cleared session on a new browser, even via proxy and “Jerry H” started with “Jerry Hall” at number one.

    On my logged in gmail account I have many emails from Thrasher Magazine which is a popular skateboarding magazine which has a newsletter, offers and all sorts of other related email sent to me. Jerry Hsu is a relatively famous skateboarder.

    Your articles are mostly interesting, I just thought I’d drop this comment in after seeing the listing of a somewhat obscure ‘skateboarding personality’, Jerry Hsu.