• http://www.screenpilot.com/ Tom Dibble

    This new format is pretty cool actually – especially for b2c brands where imagery around the ad unit will likely increase the click propensity. Adding a proprietary brand/product visual element that supports messaging and the search term can only be a good thing. Especially in a multi-screen world where tablet search is higher funnel and more visually driven for most sectors. Good opportunity to add eye-candy to PPC ad formats.

  • Simon Hawtin

    Won’t this take up a huge amount of space? Bidding would change as a result. Top spot would command more dollars.

  • http://www.screenpilot.com/ Tom Dibble

    Well the images are 90px high. Personally I think this has the potential executed properly to improve qualitative metrics for some verticals. And if that costs a bit more, then it’s up to advertiser whether they want to pay to play.

  • Matt

    We posted about this a couple of weeks ago and have been testing it out since then. Still too early to give any detailed thoughts yet but the signs are good.


    Also there isn’t any results data for image extensions available on the Adwords UI yet though it may be on its way soon.

  • Durant Imboden

    Will images also be available for AdSense advertisers?

  • fl1nty

    With Marissa gone the search results page continue to keep getting cluttered.

  • Biz Wisdom

    I am personally very bullish about what image extensions will mean for advertisers. I think early adopters will reep great rewards. my excitement lead to this article on why I think image ads will be one of the most important additions to the Adwords arsenal in some time.

    I hope some of you find it of value http://www.bizwisdom.com.au/google-image-extension-beta/

  • http://www.swydo.com/ jeroen maljers

    This provides good opportunities for B2B / services advertisers also, since they cannot use Product Listing Ads ( PLA) at the moment and have now way to include a visual to their ads. Can’t wait to try this.

  • http://www.spinxwebdesign.com/ Alan Smith

    Hope it will increase more clicks and impression for specific product or service.

  • http://www.screenpilot.com/ Tom Dibble

    Decent capture of a live result … http://spw3.co/1b9bDax

  • Ronnie’s Mustache


    Publishers cannot have:
    – “too many above the fold ads”
    – “images placed next to individual ads”
    – “content that mimics ads”
    – “third party pages displayed on site”

  • Durant Imboden

    How do you know that Google won’t roll this out to the AdSense program if it’s successful with AdWords? Already, I see plenty of Booking.com ads on AdSense that have a similar look and feel to these: They’re basically text ads with hotel pictures. (Sometimes they even rotate among several hotels.)

    FWIW, there’s nothing even remotely hypocritical about this new ad product, because the images are being served with the text by the ad server. They’re under the control of Google and/or the advertisers. That’s a whole different kettle of fish from publishers controlling images (and placement of those images) next to third-party text ads.

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