• Thomas Smith

    I’ve never personally been a victim of this, but I can imagine the frustration of people who may not be more “technologically minded” than most of us in the industry when confronted with a page that never seems to go away.

  • Pat Grady

    Nuke ’em G!

  • Ben

    I have never come across a fake search results page, but I’ve always hated pages that do a refresh or redirect so if I hit the back button, it doesn’t actually take me back. I hope these are hit by this policy.

  • Guest

    This will be a good move. Painting Artist, Inc.

  • neotrope

    Hopefully Google will ALSO fix the issue where when I hit back button my history is flooded with 50 doubleclick page links, so that I have to scroll down to find the original search subject or page … I’ve hit these fake back-page search pages, too. Very very annoying when you’re doing research for a story, vetting a client, or doing long-tail searches to find accurate info amongst the content-spam-blogs. Go Google!!!

  • http://www.smashpixels.com/ Gautham@SmashPixels

    Google already features a lot of ads and sponsored links in it’s original search engine page. – http://www.techlurk.com/

  • a1brandz

    I have came across such scenario but I when I scanned with anti spyware it showed a spyware installed and removed, the problem got solved now.

  • Leo Saumure

    Those sneaky buggers!

  • Durant Imboden

    Google obviously is being evil again, punishing Webmasters who innocently try to help users by inserting more relevant search results. :-)

  • Misa Jovcic

    If you have never done anything wrong, you should not be worrying about G to knock at your door.