• Michael Flaster

    FYI, you mentioned that you want to find other people in technology, etc. I just wanted to point out that the \find people\ box lets you find people by other than name. Try entering \economist\ for example.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    I feel like they are going after Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all at once. I’m not sure there is any point to that. What is the value that Google Plus is supposed to add to my social and online experiences?

  • http://about.me/Sherree.Worrell Sherree

    Excellent post – your graphics tell quite the story.

    I jumped in the first day and was exhausted by July 4th. The circle game (which I called my own blog post) is just too much for me. That and the lack of privacy that people are assuming is there.

    For me, there is just too much noise and strangely (or not) people now feel compelled to share the same content on Facebook and Twitter.

    I’m a Twitter gal and I use Facebook a bit. I’m going to wait until the newness wears off and things calm down before I go back to G+. The hundreds of people that need to be put in a circle will just have to wait.



  • http://mkw-ind.com Mark A Hultgren

    Hi Danny,
    Looks like Big G listened to a few of the comments! Seems they have enabled the threading option as of this morning :-) (7/12/11) I have a couple Twitter accounts and G+ and each has it’s own uses (and unfortunately – abuses).
    Seems G+ may be the next Twitter, but I still feel they have their sights on overtaking Facebook in the long run.

  • http://www.twicsy.com Elias Shams

    It’s all about the Pee Pee Connection:
    Twitter: I need to pee pee!
    FacebooK: I pee peed!
    Foursquare: I’m pee peeing here!
    Quara: Why am I pee peeing?
    Youtube: Watch this pee pee!
    LinkedIn: I pee pee well
    New myspace: let’s dance while pee peeing!
    Google+: Let’s all pee pee in a circle
    awesomize.me: HOW AWESOME DO I PEE PEE!

  • http://inettalk.blogspot.com/ Nitin Chandak

    There is surplus extension for google chrome that I use .. its pretty Ok to check notifications and share my thoughts

  • boscharun

    Google seems to have tried to combine facebook, twitter and chat. But I don’t find it as interesting as facebook as of now. The circles concept seems good. But the problem is you create many circles as and when you feel and everything gets jumbled up :(
    Also, in facebook, posting is much easier with it’s dynamic content discovery. But with google, it is not that easy. Also, authors are used to the open graph protocol of facebook to describe pages based on image, descrition, etc which makes shared items in facebook beautiful. Google+ doesn’t have any such thing right now :(
    Makes me feel they should have done some more home work before releasing it.

  • TimmyTime

    “The post from Matt Cutts even got me to click and read the story.”

    Danny you’re a Google FanBoy (r). How can you make a judgment based on a Matt Cutt post being interesting? You hang with these Google people and they have an interest to open up until people use G+. Also these people and others are NOT using Twitter but acting as know-it-all and ‘pioneers’ on G+.

    I use neither, just thought I’d point the above out.

  • http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    Hi Danny, I’m late to the comment party but here’s my thoughts. I need G+ to do just a couple things a little better, and I’d leave Twitter and FB. That said, I think Google knew perfectly well at launch that G+ was more beta than v1. So it’s a live focus group feedback mechanism for them to have all us early adopters giving them free feature advice. There is not a single feature I’ve seen anyone ask for that G+ couldn’t be added.

    I remember reading somewhere that when
    new college campus buildings are built, they wait a while before pouring the sidewalks. Rather than trying to guess/suggest where people should walk, they wait and see where the paths form on the grass. This tells them where to put the sidewalks. User feedback, if you will. I think Google is analyzing the heck out of how G+ is being used, and the G+ of next month or next year will look quite different than it does today. They are watching us make our own paths in the grass.

  • http://thewordwit.com Michelle Koop

    Hi Danny… an interesting tidbit from the Google+ stats trackers: Three quarters (or more) of Google+ users are male. Where are the women? The social network is close to a 50-50 split between men and women; facebook’s most enthusiastic users are women. What’s your insight?