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    Can’t understand Google plus still not allowing invites. I have two invites and still cannot get in?. Is anyone experiencing this issue?

  • Ed Hockey

    I have the same issue. I have been trying to register but keep getting the same holding screen. Pretty poor user experience if they are actively seeking people out (i.e. celebs like Stephen Fry) to be on it, rather than letting people sign up.

  • Betty Slocombe

    They are still trying to fix some bugs, like this for example: http://blogs.ft.com/fttechhub/2011/06/google-plus-privacy-flaw

  • http://blog.necomputersolutions.com/ brossa

    It’s still in a testing stage, I’m sure they’ll work out the obvious bugs soon. I’m more concerned with some of their long term policies, such as their stance against private profiles. I still think that they can be a major competitor for Facebook; everyone already knows and uses Google even if they haven’t been using their social networks, and there are a lot of people who have been on Facebook long enough to become very frustrated but what they perceive as major privacy issues.