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    “I really wouldn’t obsess about it in that level of detail.” is a common Matt Cutts answer. I think my next question for him will be… What one thing should webmasters be obsessive about? :)

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    @chiropractic: and his answer would be “Creating compelling, interesting, unique, link-worthy content for their website on a regular basis”.

  • http://www.accountantwebsmiths.co.uk leoludwig

    On second thought, he probably wouldn’t mention “link-worthy”.
    Every webmaster knows – or should know – that “compelling, interesting, unique content” automatically get links.

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    I completely agree with leoludwig, If you have unique content and static links on page that will help lot :)

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    Why is it he ignores the role of these keywords in the anchor text of the links that these URLs may enjoy?! When the URL is used on its own as the anchor in an external link, these keywords, along with the phrases they do, or don’t make, depending on the word order, really come into play.

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    why this post confused me. i didn’t understand properly what matt cutt saying. i just want to ask is keyword containing in URL helping a little bit in search results ranking. Like a web site want to promote themselves for this keyword “High pr directory submission list” and the url of this site is highprsubmissionlist.com

    it involves high, pr, submission, list   only missing word is “directory”. From my view and what i understand after listing and reading video and article this url may help a little but but not a major factor for get top ranking.

    Is m right ??