• http://www.sa-seo.co.za saseo

    In my view offensive results are to be expected. Info like the Michelle Obama image tend to spread like wildfire, especially where political figures, celebrities, race and religion are involved.

    The same type of thing can always be seen here in SA to.

  • scottybowl

    What was the offensive result?

  • Martel

    Google is committing a very egregious error of logic. There is a simple, if not altogether satisfying, solution to this problem which does not require censorship. The picture in question is not a picture of Michelle Obama. It is a very heavily photoshopped image of SOMEONE, but it’s not an image/picture of Michelle Obama even if the original WAS, at one time, a picture of her.

    Therefore, it should not be returned by a Google search as a picture of Michelle Obama, and the fact that it is constitutes the perpetration of a lie by Google. Perhaps lies aren’t evil?