• Molses

    Yes, google ads should not be more than half screen height. For some queries google fills full page until scroll with their ads or own service. At least 3 organic results should be visible on search results page.

  • Yousee

    Google is using its power, the SE giant has now become money oriented. Go for adword or else go down….

  • Juggernart Games

    It’s no secret: Ads above fold and especially ads on top of search results get the most clicks. And it doesn’t matter wether they are labeled or not.
    From time to time I can watch average internet users when they google for something: They click a lot on one of the first results, no matter if it was an ad or not. They don’t even notice that it was an ad. It seems that the “ads related to…” label on top of the ads wasn’t noticed and the slightly different background color seems to make the ads even more attractive (or more relevant to the user).
    Google can put it’s brands or labels whereever they want, the average internet user will not notice or will not care for. The average internet user does not know much about adwords or ads on search results (if at all), they think they use a search engine that shows the most relevant results on top.
    If Google would primarily care for organic search results (as it does long time ago) it would not show ads on top of them. Ads to the right or at bottom or maybe within but below fold would be ok, though Google would loose a lot money then.

  • http://twitter.com/HyperTexted Kevin Gerding

    Google has become nothing more than a bid engine using organic listings as something to fill in the blanks. If Google is going to pursue such a business model, then they should be paying royalties to webmasters.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    If regulators allow Google to do this, they will be giving it free rein to create a new Google brand for consumer information. Hopefully they won’t be that naive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1195911909 Myles Crouther

    This is a free service that users choose to use. They have the option to use anything else. You don’t even need an account to search, why does it matter if Google places ads in the search results? How else are they going to make money? Would you rather pay Google $1 per search? Or do you want a free service? If you choose a free service, then you are subject to advertisements, it’s completely fair. It’s not like there aren’t other search engines you could use, consumers just refuse to check them out. For the average consumer, any modern search engine is enough. Their search engine isn’t open source, it’s a product, and you pay for it with your attention (to ads), if you don’t want to use it, Google’s competitors are even easier to type in, example: bing.com. Bing has 2 less characters than Google AND the letters are closer together…

  • craig

    even if google subjected it’s own pages to the algo, that is no guarantee that they will start slipping down the rankings. don’t they partly rank pages on “trust” now? low quality amazon and wikipedia pages all seem to get a boost based on their parent site. the name “google” will presumabely benefit from that too. so their low-quality pages will rise to the top just like those others.