• http://www.anniescostumes.com Shari

    Since this is my industry, I have some insight as to things that are highly searched vs. top selling Halloween costumes. Wehn costumes are not readily available commercially, it actually inflated the search volume due to people looking for it rather than getting to a costume site and then putting it the site search. This year Black Swan costumes are not commercially available. Sure, if you do a search for them, you will see a can can type costume that is similar and several custom made ones for upwards of $200 – $300+. Not the popular price points of $30 – $40 and they are not actually licensed by whichever movie company owns the rights to the costume. The costume industry needs more lead time to license and make costumes, right now the costumes for next year are in the beginning stages of development, our industry buying shows start in December, and by February or March of 2013, all of the styles will be set and our orders have to be in to manufacturers at that time to start production. So if Gaga comes out with an awesome new look next summer, (or whatever sleeper movie is a hit) will likely not make it into costume production in time for next Halloween. But, you can be sure to see tons of variations of Black Swan costumes then, a whole Halloween late and a dollar short.

  • http://www.mathewguiver.com Mathew Guiver

    Not so sure how I feel about the angry birds costume. I think my Google+ circle of people who rock is more original. Just sayin. Happy Halloween! http://mathewguiver.tumblr.com/post/12163010110/my-third-halloween-costume-a-google-plus-circle