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    Bottom line: terrible test queries.

  • theGypsy

    HIya Matt, thanks on that. As mentioned we are now approaching round three of testing and will look at a more (potentially) familiar informational query space next time out. We are averaging around 80-100 people responding, so the data set is good, but it can always be better :0) – The analysis in that post was the USA segment and I shall be posting about the UK data in the coming days.

    Ultimately much of this round mirrored the one we had done in early 2009. The interesting phenomenon was how the movement/flux increased with each concurrent task in the search session. At some point after we’ve looked at the informational query space (last round was more transactional) I’d be interested in reversing the order of the queries to see if the same thing plays out (flux increasing along the task development).

    It is interesting data non-the-less so far and I shall keep you posted on what we come across in further rounds….