Annie Cushing

I'm a Senior SEO at SEER Interactive, an Internet marketing agency in Philadelphia. My areas of focus are SEO, analytics, and data collection and analysis. My claim to fame is I make data sexy — and teach other marketers how to do the same.

Analytics & Conversion

5 Excel Skills Every Marketer Should Know

One question I get asked a lot is this: what Excel skills are most important for marketers to learn? I have whittled that interminable list down to...

Analytics & Conversion

How To Use Macros You Find Online In 6 Easy Steps

Have you ever done a search to find out how to do something in Excel, just to find the search results littered with macro options? I used to avoid...

Analytics & Conversion

10 Simple Tips To Make Your Excel Charts Sexier

Having covered all the basics of how to make tabular data tell a story using custom cell formatting and conditional formatting for both static tables...

Analytics & Conversion

How To Manage Big Data With Pivot Tables

Big data is all the rage right now. If you search Google News for the term, there are 53,500 thousand results. And that’s just the news. Most...

Analytics & Conversion

A Marketer’s Guide To Table Formatting In Excel

If there’s one task most marketers share — whether their focus is SEO, paid search, or social media — it’s collecting and interpreting data....