• Armand47

    What a shambles! “G” is starting to look more like an “Online Shopping Site” and “Ads Billboard” than a search engine. Talk about contradictions, more Ads, Images, snippets, Maps and dodgy looking “Star Ratings” leads to more clutter, definitely not user-friendly.

    People are looking for a Search Engine, not a Billboard of Ads and Images…

  • http://www.eBizROI.com Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    I see it shows up for “Internet marketing services,” a search term that our agency ranks for in the organic results. There is no doubt Pamela that Google tested and vetted this change with conrol groups before rolling it out, especially if it does show up on virtually all Google searches. Personally, I don’t think it is a negative and in fact, most will not even notice, at least unless they read about it online ;-) Increasing CTR of Adwords Ads is good for Google and for lowers the cost/click for advertisers. Call me naive, but isn’t that a win-win? Thanks for sharing.

  • robthespy

    And organics get pushed down yet another line. ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=716745386 Chris Zaharias

    OK, who’s gonna start buying an ad for the query “Ads related to”? 

  • http://twitter.com/AlexanderEdbom Alexander Edbom

    Pushing down organic xD

  • Alan

    Googles grab for cash is blatant and embarrassing. With all the updates to adwords and search ads following on the heels of the penguin update that turned results into a mess, you have to start thinking these updates are deliberately spewing bad results to drive adwords clicks! Google keeps talking about relevance however they seem to be quickly becoming more and more irrelevant. Here is an example! As well as being an IMer, I dabble in photoshop. I am by no means an expert but I love to play. I am getting on so my memory isn’t what it used to be. So there are certain effects I want achieve and unlike young gun designers I dont remember exactly how to do these effects but what I do remember is what searches I need to do to find examples and walk throughs. A week or so after the shock of penguin had worn off a friend asked me to build a logo for his site. I already had an idea for the logo and wanted to use certain effects. Now I have for the last 5 years known that if I type a certain phrase I will get specific results and more to the point I will find the links I have previously clicked on in the list of Google results (almost like a bookmarking site). this time I searched and the links were not there. The only link that was highlighted in the list was an ehow page which I know to avoid as it is useless. I couldn’t believe it, my list of great walkthroughs was gone!!!! As a last resort I turned to bing and did the same search and there were some of my beloved already clicked on links! I have now bookmarked these sites in my browser. What Google has done with this last update is made me change my behaviour, for the better believe it or not as now I bookmark everything that I used to just leave to google to find for me, so now I bypass them altogether. What is worse for Google is that I had to use their competitor as part of my research strategy! I am just one guy who likes photoshop, I might be an isolated case, although I bet I am not.

  • Alan

    you seem to forget that most users are going to Google to research something? Not buy something. So if that research becomes harder and harder to do even Google could start losing users, That is a lose/lose situation!

  • Durant Imboden

    I like the new line, although I doubt if most searchers will notice it. (I didn’t until your article called my attention to it.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rod.farrell Rod Farrell

    If this line does increase click through rates I’d like to see what that does for conversion.  If it means more curiosity clicks rather than motivated buyers it just means more revenue for Google and more expensive ad campaigns to get the same results.

  • http://www.microsourcing.com/ MicroSourcing

    It’s a good business move for Google, considering that higher click-through rates will encourage more businesses to avail of paid ads. 

  • maggy kurt

    now thats called “MONEY TALKS AND BULL SHIT WALKS”
    google not care about USERS, not care about organic any more,,
    just money and revenue,
    i`m leaving google now!
    BING is more user friendly then google…

  • http://www.facebook.com/dhanasekar.mani Dhanasekar Mani

    Google wants to make MORE money…Still doing SEO after penguin ? If yes, Understand what google is telling you. YOU SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY ON ADWORDS…WE WILL KEEP CHANGING THE ALGO.

  • http://nopassiveincome.com/ Chris

    Google is going to earn more and more money. And someday, there will be only…
    Google will finish like Altavista – nobody will remember this SE in some years…
    BR, Chris

  • http://www.facebook.com/the.nathaniel.bailey Nathaniel Bailey

    Wow google have add a line of text saying the ads are relevant to xyz keyword you searched!

    Common, why are people even talking about google adding a single line of text above the same ads we have always seen? It’s not even like G have changed anything about the ads, they are all the same as before just with a single line of text telling us what we already know, the ads are relevant to what we searched for! Why bother!?

  • robthespy

    You’re new to this aren’t you?

  • robthespy

    Commercial vs. informational….nuff said.

  • Armand47

    Rick, without sounding rude, you are a bit naive in the sense that, the more advertisers bidding for the top spot, don’t you think that will drive the cost up? Something to ponder about…

  • http://twitter.com/jessilink jessilink

    I’m not new to this (been doing PPC since 2002, worked in both B2B Search and B2C Search for over 10 years) and I also don’t see the big deal. This is not something most users will even notice, the impact in the organic results is nonexistent since the line was already there for “Why these ads?”. I can’t imagine this will have any significant impact on CTR, and it won’t impact user experience by “shoving ads down their throats” since the ads were already there.

    There are plenty of changes to get worked up about but this just isn’t one of them.

    That said, an insightful comment about what impact YOU think this change will have would have been much more productive than a snarky insult.

  • robthespy

    A user doesn’t have to “notice” something for it to have an impact…even a major impact.

    If you’ve ever run A/B and multivariate UX tests, then you know that the slightest changes often affect things in ways you did not expect.

    In this case, it doesn’t really appear to affect the layout of the rest of the page much.  And I’m not arrogant enough to predict the impact it will have.  But as you know, searchers like seeing their searched terms bolded on the page!  ;)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NINWZJ4QGAZBH33WZGNXHIMTF4 Katrina

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  • http://pestcontrolseo.wordpress.com/ Thos003

    Leave it to the pest control guy to catch that little thing. =)

  • Manoj Kumar


  • astrageeks

    Google is going to earn more and more money.It’s a good business move for Google, considering that higher click through rates will encourage more businesses.