• Juan Manuel Lopez

    Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of having a budget at all? The bottom line is that you do not want to spend more money than you have on a certain campaign… I guess it all depends on how big is the brand… this might be good news for the big players.

    Companies with few campaigns and small budgets might not even feel the effect. Looking forward to hear from others.

  • TheRdungeon

    Does anyone know why they don’t do lifetime budgets like Facebook? Would help me so much

  • http://twitter.com/jamesdadd jamesdadd

    The feature is there for those that wish to use it. My gut feeling is, before I look further into this, is that this may allow a small company to optimise their campaigns on a daily basis. If one campaign, as the article states, is falling short for whatever reason, then the budget can easily be transferred over to one that may deliver that shortfall.

  • jonno

    I am still waiting for the set monthly/ weekly budget per campaign, to feed from a top level budget in billing. That’s the dream! ; ) Running multiple campaigns, where clients have a specific budget per campaign, but not spending enough to warrant creating new accounts is my current predicament ; (

  • Paul Keep

    I think this will allow most companies to get even more targeted and long tail with less worry about search demand. Also for those smaller companies that may have certain products with smaller demand, they can more effectively target those even if the search volume isn’t always there. In the end, I think budgets big and small will benefit. Budgeting per campaign is always important but it will be less risky with this new feature.

  • Lisa Taylor

    I agree! We need to be able to set monthly budgets per campaign when multiple campaigns are all under one account ‘budget’ – I find that the daily budget is too restrictive and prevents campaigns from spending the entire monthly budget because it shuts off daily, but you can’t set a monthly campaign budget and raise the daily budget if you have several campaigns under one account/overall budget/MDO.

  • Wendy

    Either way- Google remains the one who sings the song that we r all forced to listen.