• http://www.equitymarketingsolutions.com/electricladyblog melissasmith

    This is not an act of desperation or weakness on the part of Ask.com, rather it’s an innovative way of incorporating (and even showing off) their search technology. It also appeals to a new generation of searchers that are used to seeing this type of skin advertising in popular social media outlets that they use on a daily basis.

  • awhinston

    Its ironic that 5 seconds after arriving on this article, my screen darkened and I got a full page pop up promoting the upcoming SMX conference…one that I had to manually close to continue reading. There’s nothing ‘cool’ about that.

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    Honestly Barry, I really like the skin ad on Ask.com (and not just because I have clients in that film). The popup ad for SMX event is a bit annoying, not so bad if only appearing one time, but every time I logout I get it again.

    I think imdb is using skin ads as well. For rich media sites I think it’s very cool. For me, much ore enjoyable than the pop up or pop under types.

  • Webutante

    It’s a smart move to showcase the product and create a more exciting user experience for their audience time and again AND monetize. It’s not intrusive, attractive, and has info links all over to encourage discovery. Smart. Looks like a win-win. Pandora.com has been doing similar takeovers for ages as a “music engine”… as well as IMDB. This just ties in well with their product.

    Their target user isn’t going to cry uncle over something fun and visually engaging appearing on the site known for big holiday themes and skins. However… the modal pop-up ad on this one here leaves something to be desired. ;-)