• http://twitter.com/jon_tavarez Jonathan Tavarez

    Very interesting move.

  • http://www.jchweb.co.uk/ Jack Hutchinson

    Looks good – doesn’t seem to be live in the UK yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heaven.jelo Heaven Jelo

    Great post. Thanks for sharing the insight!

  • http://www.y8u.org/ Y8

    Your articles is on the right track for me and that i have loved reading through your sights. Thanks.

  • http://www.more4mums.co.uk/blog Lynn Hogg

    Interesting to see things coming together.

  • Miguel Silva Rodrigues

    If this were Google, everyone at the Microsoft camp would already be beefing up their Scroogled campaign with claims of favoring their own properties…

  • http://www.ferreemoney.com/blog/ Neil Ferree

    The 1 thing I like about the Klout feed is how it shows (by social network) the post and piece of content that got the most social engagement for the past 90 days. I could care less about my meager 65 Klout number as much as the insight the content that triggers pluses and likes and RT’s along the way