• Travis Prebble

    To avoid having your tags visible to others on FB, change the Bing app’s permissions to make posts visible only to you. That way, Bing can update your timeline all it wants and nobody else will see it.

  • John Conor

    Great share Mr Sullivan!

  • http://twitter.com/Digimixus DigiMix Marketing

    After testing this out a bit, Bing Tags seems like Microsofts answer to Google +1 and latest attempt at social search. By connecting to Facebook, Bing users will eventually produce a massive amount of linked data connecting Bing search results to Facebook users. In the future this could have an impact on SEC regulations for both MSFT and FB. Especially if they ever tried to collaborate on a web search.

  • http://umain30.com/ Main Uddin

    It is surely magic of some techno geeks who had long association with Google and she wants to make Bing real competitor of Big G.

  • http://www.justinwheeler.net Justin Wheeler

    ha… I tried to set up tagging… and the service was temporarily unavailable… I rather fear you may have broken Bings Tags already!

  • bini

    Great article Danny! Just a bit confused on whether or not I can use Bing Tags for Facebook fan pages? Or is it only reserved for Facebook profiles?