• http://twitter.com/byteLaunch ByteLaunch

    It is good to see that Facebook realises they are not ready to become a search engine and realise that Google is far ahead of them in the search game.  There are too any people speculating about Facebook trying to complete directly with Google and become its own search engine despite having partnered with Microsoft to assist with Bing searches and vise-versa.

  • Shashank Gupta

    Even I would like to use Facebook for Social Networking purpose  .And I am sure many users out there agree with me.I guess Google is a huge competitor in SE race.

  • Christian Noel

    I think FB will ultimately add a true search engine. It only makes sense. If FB doesn’t do this they remain a kind of standalone product/service which is subject to the fickle whims of their members. They will always be in danger of losing their membership and audience to the next thing that comes around (see: Friendster, MySpace).

    By adding a search engine they attach themselves more fully to an internet users web experience. It is the reason why Google has Google+. Presuming Google’s Search Market Share stays the same and they figure out social then that will disincentivize people from switching over to FB from Google. Why would you?  Your social network service is already attached to the Search Engine you use. Everything is in one spot.

    Eventually Google will perfect Google+ to compete more aggressively with FB not just in terms of adoption numbers, but also in usage. It would be in Facebook’s best interest to get ahead of this now instead of trying to catch up later.

    People can disagree with me and probably will, but I will say FB either creating its own search engine or buying Bing from MS makes alot more sense to me than $1B for Instagram. However, that’s just me.