• Pat Grady

    looks for study showing consumers don’t know the difference between organic listings and paid ads…

  • http://www.smartinsights.com/ Dave Chaffey

    Interesting data set Chris, but we should always treat consumer reported data in surveys with caution – particularly with ads since consumers don’t like to admit being influenced by them. Observed behaviour, i.e. through site analytics is what really counts.

    There’s also the understanding factor as Pat says. Social visits I see in analytics for most sites don’t fit with what consumers are saying here – another self-disclosed bias.

    The reality is that excluding brand searches, many transactional sites I look at drive more visits/sales from AdWords than organic since it’s more controllable. If you looked at this data alone you wouldn’t think that was practical

  • http://www.spinxdigital.com/ Stephen Moyers

    Thanks for the very good post. It’s really great to know that consumers are more likely to click on organic listing as compare to ads. Thanks again for update

  • http://www.infogurushop.com/ Infogurushop

    This is good news for SEO veterans! It unanimously proves online users and consumers are aware, intelligent and smarter than Google would have us think. It also shows that Freelance strategic SEO and Social Media rules search results online. Ad agencies, ecommerce and luxury brands are often forced to think PPC as they need instant results but they should consider SEO as their strategic cake and PPC only as the icing.

  • http://www.buzzfarmers.com/ @Amaaanda

    In terms of paid search, I think there’s a large percentage of the population who doesn’t even REALIZE they find new websites through sponsored search ads. It’s like asking people if they like pop-up ads. They’ll always tell you no, but watch your email list jump 30% more every day when you add them. What people say they do and what they actually do tend to be two very different things. :)