• modelportfolio2003

    Seems to me this is a very brazen and desperate act by Microsoft. As you say, they are upset that Motorola ditched Windows Mobile for Android and this is their way to get even. I expect that negotiations between Motorola and Microsoft went on for a while so this will come as no surprise to Motorola. If I were them however, I would be determined to fight Microsoft. Motorola has been building hardware and software for cell/mobile phones for far longer than Microsoft has so I would at least expect Motorola to counter-sue. It is a sad commentary on technology that Microsoft needs to sue a former partner rather than create an innovative platform that Motorola would view as must have. The fact that Motorola has dismissed using Microsoft Mobile 7 speaks volumes about what they think of Microsoft’s new software platform! Answer: not much. Reviews by the press is one thing—a review by an OEM is quite a dagger in Microsoft’s trial balloon.

  • http://blog.lbi-netrank.co.uk/author/ian-macfarlane/ Ian Macfarlane

    I see that the old adage “if you can’t innovate, litigate” is as true as ever.