• Peter Dulay

    I love the little connector type apps that glue everything together. Only a matter of time before G+ buys them or does it on their own.

  • http://inbound.bg/ Dimitar Dimitrov

    Can’t download it on Samsung Galaxy S3… as Mike states in his article the app is probably available only to Google units (he is using a test unit of Nexus 4…)

  • http://obpglobal.com/ Sean Caillot Hawkins

    Can’t wait to try and download this. Would love to help my Aunt manage her small cafe with this tool.

  • Vipin Kumar

    Nice and useful :-)

  • mensurmuhic

    Cant download it on Galaxy Nexus — lol

  • Jinnat Ul Hasan

    Its ridiculous when I can’t download and use the app in the UK.

  • http://www.weblineapps.com/ Richard Boss

    It is conflicting with all my devices? I think that it made for Nexus devices

  • Kretek

    Is this for newer Nexus devices? I have the GSM Galaxy Nexus and it doesn’t work either.