• http://www.richamorindonesia.com/ Rich Amor Indonesia

    Who’s next? I hope indonesia will be the next target

  • Tian_Mian

    Love it!

  • JohnA

    Why target the clients? If it was an agency the clients most likely did not even have a clue what the agency was doing (well, some of them). Why not just penalize the network and discount the links, rather than slap the clients as well?

  • http://www.joshz.net/ Josh Zehtabchi

    That’s like saying, there was a drug bust. Let’s just bust the dealers and not worry about users. Wait a minute, you’re actually on to something here…

  • Durant Imboden

    “But the devil made me do it!” has never been a viable defense.

  • onreact

    Which agency was that and what kind of “link network” was affected exactly?

  • ebuzznet

    Last week they penalized Guest Post Shop and other related site.. some of those site are now out of Google… They were penalized due to guest posting on large scale to manipulate ranking and PR. Investigation was done by http://searchengineleaks.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/guestpostshop-try-to-cover-their-tracks/

  • JohnA

    Many people outsource certain part of their work to agencies/contractors etc. precisely because they do not have the knowledge/etc. in order to do that particular task themselves.

  • JohnA

    Also, what prevents me from buying 1,000 links on that penalized network to my competitor, making it look like he was also a client of that network? – How will Google tell that the respective site was not actually a client?

  • http://www.andreascarpetta.com/ gareth jax

    Expedia showed us that there is no “stable online business” that cannot avoid a penalty indefinitely. It’s only a matter of much budget you want to invest to damage a competitor.

  • JohnA

    The internet is not only for large businesses. The wast majority of websites are not million dollar “stable online businesses”.

  • JohnA

    You are wrong with this statement. Your statement essentially means that if you have a “stable online business” you can do pretty much whatever you want SEO wise, as nothing bad can happen as you supposedly are immune.

    The recent Expedia case proves exactly the opposite.

    Your statement is not logically coherent.

  • Наталия Князева

    Someone knows exactly which sites came under sanctions? it would be interesting to analyze their

  • http://codecondo.com/ Alex

    Good stuff.

  • vseo

    The main problem is that nothing prevents you from that point… but equally, they can idnetify so easy the incoming links and disavow all of them

  • YiannisG

    nothing prevents you for doing so. Google is incapable algorithmic wise to seperate good links from private blog networks. Why you think all these people get “manual” penalties and survived Penguin/Panda updates? Cause they got reported by others or too many ppl disavowed these domains :-)