• Chris McCreery

    I think you set your default location by clicking the gear at the bottom right and selecting “Search Settings”. This takes you to the “Location” section by default which you can also get to from https://www.google.ca/preferences#location. But definitely not as simple as classic maps.

  • Munkstar

    ‘Send to car’ heavily advertised by Nissan with their Juke car …… i bought! When is this coming back or is it so well hidden….? I have gone back to ‘classic’ Maps at present.

  • Martin Price

    Why is it impossible to print out a map? There is no print button and Control P gives me a blank page in Firefox. Very shoddy.

  • Cheryl

    Hey, Google–I used to be able to zoom in on a confusing part of a trip’s map and print that zoomed in portion. Not anymore and I miss it!