• Durant Imboden

    Cute idea, but I wonder how reliable the feature will be. Location markers on Google Maps can be wildly inaccurate. (I’ve seen hotel markers that have been off by several streets.)

  • Jesuss

    Cute choice of words.

  • abrod

    Sounds a lot like notepad…

  • http://www.robgreer.com Rob Greer

    On a recent episode of the new HBO show ‘Silicon Valley’, one of the background characters (an employee at a BevMo-like establishment) shared that he was biding his time until his “Where Did I Park My Car” app gained enough popularity to make him rich. The protagonist asked why the employee couldn’t use Notes instead. Personally, I just take a photo. It’s faster that way.

  • http://www.globalwebforce.com/ William Forrest

    Good idea, but, do we need to use this? Maybe google needs to add more useful information before they launch this new update.