• http://www.beginnerblogger.com/ Sarge

    That’s a bit of a bummer. I’m new to the world of PPC and google advertising (and not that this change affects me) but does that mean that local businesses can no longer put their business locations on google maps anymore.

    Well for the time being while google analyses the data and improves their services.

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  • zankhana

    Just waiting to see what other interesting features Google brings when it relaunches the service again.

  • http://holmesonlocal.wordpress.com/ HolmesOnLocal

    Definitely sorry to see it go. I had some very excited clients in San Diego. I just posted an interesting analysis of the Local Listing Ads for data that I found in San Diego. Check it out at: http://holmesonlocal.wordpress.com/

  • http://www.weblinkplus.com WeblinkPlus

    Just when we’re doing so well on LBC :-(

    To be honest with the poor handling of duplicate entries, some of which are generated by google themselves, there is definitely a need for something to be improved…

  • http://www.weblinkplus.com WeblinkPlus

    Dammit, just realised this is refering to the sponsored ads, not the free LBC listing…

  • http://WickCentric.com Wickerpedia


    Were your interested clients’ small businesses? What did they specifically like about it that differed from the LBC or standard PPC (with a Local Extension) ad?

    I have serious doubts whether the introduction of yet another ad type is going to help Google’s attempt to increase LBC adoption. I am still amazed by how many small business have yet to register their free listing let alone consider paying a flat fee. That is…without a little push from a marketing company.

    I wrote about it in an aptly name post, “Why the Local Listing Ad must change or die.” http://wickcentric.com/