• http://BestSellerAuthors.com WarrenWhitlock

    Cutting out the personally identifiable data would still allow analytics to count people. If GOOG did remove the clicks, we’d all just put in a different counter. Aren’t the tweets we’re seeing about doom and gloom a little much?

  • davebarnes

    Or you can use AdBlock Plus with this filter: *google-analytics.com*

  • http://www.ebridgesoft.com/blog KevM

    What about mobile browsing?

    Has there been any mention of this plugin being extended to mobile versions of browsers?

  • http://www.ioninteractive.com allenkristina

    Definitely makes sense for Google to protect itself. I doubt many users will opt-out, or even know that an opt-out option even exists so there is little need to worry about it’s impact on analytics from a general perspective.