• http://winkpress.com/ MK Safi

    No, fuck that. When I link to a product, I endorse it and will dofollow the affiliate link. If Google is too stupid to figure this out, that’s their problem. Idiots.

  • http://thinkconceive.com/ Justin

    I like your style. 

  • creditgeeks

    The definition of an affiliate is a thin line these days for example between a publisher, so not sure how google can define an affiliate, unless, any presence of an affiliate network link, is the indicator they use.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1534746564 Ten Sets

    Google – please don’t be afraid of us, endorse us, were human beings too!

  • Pat Grady

    In many cases (and growing), Affiliate links being present is primarily “tracking” and much less “endorsing”.  To continue treating them monolithically is a naive, simplistic view of the Internet.