• Vic

    No comments on this? I’d be curious to see answers to Eric’s question, because at a glance it does seem like #3 should be #1.

  • Bert77

    Probably because the anchor text of the backlinks is different. Result #3 is more optimized for “CRW Flags Inc” and position #1/ #2 for “World Flag Database” etc.

    The NY Times will probably continue the “succes story” of Newsday:

    Seriously, if companies like Lonely Planet don’t even get the SEO Basics right, there’s plenty of work for SEO’s. What do I mean?

    Well, for example this URL:

    has more than 1400 active inlinks and isn’t properly redirected to the new url. That’s just one url out of 240 countries. Imagine the ‘great’ user experience, the loss of link juice and the loss of money. Food for thought too…