• http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Simply opposing this legislation is not acceptable. Instead of spreading more lies and hyperbole (which many in the search and SEO communities are doing), people need to PROPOSE A MORE ACCEPTABLE ALTERNATIVE.

    This isn’t someone else’s problem. There is no “us and them”. The outright theft of intellectual property rights and the parasitical practices that financially benefit from that theft INHIBIT INNOVATION.

    For Americans, these are constitutionally mandated rights and your opposition to SOPA is not helpful, constructive, or beneficial.

    If you’re calling your congressional representatives, you need to be proposing ALTERNATIVES that you can live with and which protect IPR.

    It’s time for the free rides to end.

  • http://searchengineland.com Chris Sherman

    @MichaelMartinez, excellent suggestion. But your emphasis on “inhibit innovation” needs perspective. As content developers (Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Expo, etc) we support protections on the intellectual property we develop. But when others scrape our content or otherwise copy what we’re doing, that has no impact at all on our attitude toward continuing to create the best stuff we can. My personal opinion is that there are some entrenched, very powerful interests who aren’t innovating, but rather wanting to coast with obsolete business models that favor protectionism in its various forms.

    So yes, let’s think about and advocate good alternatives, but no, let’s not give these cartels permission to damage the internet in the cause of protecting their own self interests.