• http://www.brianvuyk.com Caydel

    As much as I personally don’t like everything in my life being filtered through Google servers somewhere, I’ve tried using other engines in the past and taken a productivity hit for my pains. While I am sure that some of that was due to not knowing how to search *well* on these alternative engines, I do believe that Google still returns some of the best results.

    So moving to another will likely impact my business productivity, and I am not sure I would want that…

  • http://www.srclarke.com Todd Mintz

    I’m sure most of us got the chain e-mail that stated that in order to get back at the greedy gas companies, we should all not buy gas on a certain day.

    We all know how effective a tactic that was.

    I don’t see this being much different…though I’m sure the Search Engine Land gang will give us some good content from this effort.

  • http://www.evilgreenmonkey.com/ evilgreenmonkey

    Erm, how is using AOL Search not the same as using Google? I know they have a few custom tweaks, although it is basically no better than using someone’s “AdSense for Search” box for a day. Maybe I’m just being dumb?

  • http://www.seo-pr.com Greg Jarboe

    I love the idea, Danny. Can I suggest an add-on to your Google Free-Fridays? How about Google News Free-Fridays, too? There are other news search engines out there, but hard-core news junkies seem hooked on Google News. So, here would be the schedule:
    * July 6: AOL News
    * July 13: Ask.com News
    * July 20: Topix.com
    * July 27: Yahoo News

  • chris boggs

    nice link bait. :)

  • joe

    I have been using Y! Search and never had to fall back on Google — I was a bit unhappy with the speed to start with but that does seem to have improved quite a bit off-late!

    Competition is good and Y! despite the mgmt screwups has a very solid search service, IMHO!

  • http://www.daviddalka.com/createvalue/ DavidDalka

    would using AOL really be Google free?

  • http://www.bontb.com bontb

    Is google evil ? Sure it is :) It;s like WG.Bush, only promotes business with money to PR #1 even tho their SEO sux.

  • http://joeduck.wordpress.com Joe Duck

    Good idea if people leave feedback about their experiences. But Danny after this are you still getting invited to the Google Dance?

  • http://www.marketersstudio.com David Berkowitz

    This blog caters to search engine marketers, right? Whether one is client-side, at a search engine marketing agency, or even from another search engine, it’s in everyone’s best interest to check out other search engines from time to time. If you only use one engine, no matter what that engine is, you’re not doing your job. Why we need a schedule for this is beyond me.

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    David, the blog caters to both search marketers and to searchers. Both groups probably need to consider alternative search engines more. And sadly, even too many search marketers fail to check out the world beyond Google.

  • RajG

    Hey Danny, just a minor note that your MSN Live and Yahoo! links are transposed in the post. As a Yahoo, I want to protect folks from getting an MSN search experience when they were expecting a Yahoo! Search experience ;-)

  • gary price

    As you know, we’ve been writing about a wide variety of search tools for years. Both when I was with you and Chris at SEW and for the past 6 years on ResourceShelf.

    While I currently work at Ask as Director of Online Info Resources, ResourceShelf and my speaking presentations, continue to focus on all sorts of search tools in a wide variety of areas.

    There isn’t just one book or database in the library and online searchers should be aware and use a variety of resources. It’s all about using the right tool at the right time. Do I use all of these tools daily. Nope. But it’s good to know they are their when needed.

    I’ll add that the ResourceShelf team is always appreciative of the coverage you give us on SEL.

    In the past few days, we’ve (ResourceShelf is now more than a one person operation) posted about:

    + Exalead, a general purpose web engine. Cool stuff.

    + Two 3D digital globes

    + Two real-estate verticals offering pricing info via SMS

    + The new Scitopia.org science database project

    + The new Global Science Gateway from the U.S. Dept of Energy and The British Library.

    + In the past, we’ve written about the many free “special collections” NewspaperArchives.org offers.

    + and the new “Chronicling America” Newspaper Project from the Library of Congress. Now with more than 310,000 digitized pages.

    Two more quick notes:
    1) Don’t forget about the importance and usefulness of what I call non-commercial web directories where quality trumps quality.
    Examples: http://www.lii.org
    and subject specific services like

    2) Remember, most public libraries offer FREE full text access to a number of databases from home, office, anywhere. All you need is a library card for a specific library. Not much effort for lots of content. More info here.

  • http://www.marketersstudio.com David Berkowitz

    Thanks for the feedback, Danny. I think we’re both ultimately of the same mind in terms of all sorts of people needing to expand their horizons (it’s why we spend so much time writing about all this stuff, right?), even if we have some different approaches. This will come up in the next column due out Tues 7/3, so perhaps you’ll get some other feedback then.