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Andy Betts


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Andy Betts has a 25 year tenure in the search, content, and digital marketing industry. His extensive experience spans international borders, with him donning various hats as a writer, ghost-writer, and author of over a thousand published articles. His written pieces traverse a range of topics, including digital technology, AI, search, content and marketing technology, Apart from his successful writing career, Andy offers his expertise as a global advisor and consultant, providing strategic guidance to start-ups, late stage technology companies, and an impressive roster of independent Fortune 500 companies. His work mainly involves delving into the realms of strategic marketing, search, content creation, and public relations within the digital community. He has also spoken at many digital and search events including the Adobe Summit. Over the years, Andy has collaborated with a variety of leading search, digital, and Martech publications and leaders such as Google, Facebook, Salesforce and top 10 global agencies. He has played an instrumental role in programming numerous digital events and crafting compelling content. His influential work has been featured in renowned outlets such as Forbes, along with a number of prestigious digital marketing and analytics journals.

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