Kate Powell

Kate Powell is a PPC Specialist


Remarketing As A Branding Tool For B2B

Branding in B2B search engine marketing is a constant topic for debate. All B2B marketers realize that online brand awareness and recognition is extremely important, and most marketers already promote their brand via PPC campaigns and organic optimization programs. To increase the effectiveness of your efforts, I also recommend implementing remarketing. A short B2B remarketing […]


6 Targeting Methods To Reach Your Business Audience Via LinkedIn

Most B2B marketers have a list of potential buyers at specific companies that they would like to reach. It can be very difficult to selectively target this audience via PPC Search ads or banner campaigns. Even behavioral targeting has its limitations. Your next move… LinkedIn Ads:  https://www.linkedin.com/ads/ LinkedIn Ads is an offering from the popular […]


How To Use Search Funnels To Find A Competitive Advantage

Most B2B search marketers spend the majority of their time analyzing conversion data within their PPC campaigns. They adjust budgets and bids to ensure adequate funding of the top converting keywords (i.e. keywords that record a conversion, at an acceptable cost, within the 30-day tracking window, based on user cookies). While this approach is logical […]

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