Seven Questions For SEO Pioneer John Audette

I wasn’t that well-versed in John Audette’s contributions to the SEO industry before meeting and chatting with him recently at the Bend WebCam search conference. During the “History of SEO” session that concluded the festivities, each of the panelists that worked with John back in the mid-90’s universally praised his professional guidance and acknowledged his […]

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Twitter: What Are You Thinking?

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” Polonius from William Shakespeare´s Hamlet Twitter is a simple web application that asks the following question: What are you doing? You get 140 characters to answer. In Twitter: More Than Messaging, It Can Generate Traffic and Twitter Useless For Driving Traffic? Think Again, Neil Patel runs through the basics […]


Best Practices For Corporate Domain Name Management

While a decent percentage of the global business community has become aware of the importance of search engine marketing, very few businesses seem know about the best practices surrounding the purchasing and ownership of web site domain names (e.g. when to purchase, what to purchase, etc.). Unlike SEO problems, where a banned site can get […]


Turning Dimes Into Dollars: The Basics Of Low-Bid PPC

The affiliate marketplace is brutally competitive. There are well-aged, trusted domains with dominant positions in many niches. Direct competition with these goliaths for affiliate sales is frequently futile. However, creative, competitive webmasters can make a significant affiliate income if they can identify niche opportunities and execute effective SEM strategies to exploit them. Unfortunately, one of […]

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