Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms: A Buyer’s Guide


The flood of mobile calls to U.S. businesses continues unabated, changing the way enterprise brands view the telephone as an inbound marketing channel. It is also now changing the way brands view the telephone as an inbound marketing channel. As consumers increasingly use their smartphones to research, browse, and connect with businesses, brands are developing a newfound respect for the inbound call as an integral part of the conversion path.

If you are considering licensing an enterprise call analytics platform, this report will help you decide if you need to. It provides relevant statistics on market growth, developing market trends, recommended steps for making an informed purchase decision, and profiles of eleven leading enterprise call analytics vendors.

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from the MarTech Intelligence Report, “Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide.” You can download the report here free.

The Benefits of Using Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms

The current market of enterprise call analytics vendors has gone beyond offering simple call tracking, recording, and attribution tools. It now includes more sophisticated platforms that provide dynamic number insertion, keyword-level tracking, conversation analytics, and integration with advertising and marketing technology systems. These tools play a vital role in establishing the relationship between marketing channels, efficiently allocating marketing resources, and monitoring sales staff effectiveness. Some of the specific benefits of using an enterprise call analytics platform include the following:

Marketing campaign optimization. Inbound calls can be tracked to their marketing source at the keyword, campaign, and channel levels, and followed through the conversion funnel to identify the most profitable sources.

More profitable budget allocation. Budget can be more efficiently allocated to the most profitable keywords, campaigns, and channels based upon call tracking.

Improved sales staff productivity. Tools such as IVR and intelligent call routing send high-value leads to the right agents or locations to close sales more efficiently.

Better sales staff performance. Inbound calls can be recorded and analyzed to identify which agents and sales techniques close the most sales. Training can be provided to improve results, where necessary.

Accurate online/offline channel attribution. By tracking inbound calls to their source through dynamic number insertion, call analytics establish the link between online keywords and campaigns and offline phone calls.

Unified customer view. Integrating call analytics data with CRM, marketing automation, tag management, and other marketing technology systems provides the enterprise with a more complete view of each customer for more relevant, personalized marketing.

Want to learn more? Get the entire 40-page report – free! Just click on this link or the image above and complete the form to download “Enterprise Call Analytics Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide.”

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