• Dan Patrick

    So… This is the Bing Florida update?! Welcome to 2003!

  • Stéphane Bottine

    On a related note, Bing also uses keyword stuffing in the meta tag as a spam / negative ranking signal.

  • Joe

    I don’t think Bing is that dumb. Lots of newbie site owners or small business site owners stuff keywords thinking it’d help. Most of them don’t know anything about white hat or black hat SEO. If Bing is dumb enough to punish those people, then they deserve the tiny 3% marketshare.

  • jamesd1

    You mean a search engine geared towards its users and not to bad SEO? Why would that be dumb? It is a brilliant idea.

    Keyword spamming is viewed like this.
    “Yeah great job you managed to get a visitor to your site, good luck turning that into a conversion when your content comes off like a stuttering robot, robots, robocop, robotnik.”

  • jamesd1

    They aren’t referencing meta tags, they are talking about content keyword spamming. Something Google claims to punish, but doesn’t I already put this to the test.

  • WEW

    I feel like I just went back 10 years in the search market….

  • Dan Patrick

    I was being facetious. As SEOs, most of us treat Bing as the red-headed stepchild of Google, but to announce that they’re punishing for KEYWORD STUFFING in copy is kinda wearing the 2nd Place badge proudly.

  • BigWhiteDog

    but bogus landing pages are fine….

  • Alesia Krush

    The just-in-case update :) In case someone is still doing it in 2014.

  • Brad Krupkin

    Oh no….there goes <1% of my website traffic. in other words, who cares what Bing does? Until they can deliver consistent traffic that is qualified and engaged, I won't spend any time on caring about algo updates

  • Stéphane Bottine

    Hi Joe, this is not my “opinion”. This is Bing policy. See these articles on SEL and SEM Rush for more information: http://searchengineland.com/the-meta-keywords-tag-lives-at-bing-why-only-spammers-should-use-it-96874 and http://www.semrush.com/blog/publications/the-myths-behind-meta-keywords/