• http://www.dazzlindonna.com dazzlindonna

    Cross-domain, huh? I thought the whole reason it wasn’t cross-domain to begin with, was so no one could falsely claim to be the canonical version of some authority domain, thereby hijacking the domain. Can’t you see it? Some dork just sets the tag on his buy-your-pills-here.com as the canonical url for google.com . :)

    Ok, am assuming Google has a way to ensure that hijacking can’t happen, but I sure hope they make sure there are no holes in the plan.

  • http://www.mattinertia.com mattinertia

    Erm, whats wrong with linking to the original source? The SEs are making the issue more complicated than it needs to be. They should just preach a little bit about link love if you steal content (or heavily quote) and that would resolve the issue right? More people know how to implement a link than a canonical and it’s better for users.

  • http://www.ezwebsitemonitoring.com/ ezaaron

    It is a good idea, but how many rss aggregators are there out there that duplicate content and nobody gets an obvious drop in rankings from it? It may become more relevant in the future, especially if google is announcing things about it, but for now I don’t see a huge impact on duplicate content… and they also have to make sure the “spammy” aggregators don’t use the tag to claim the original source, which sounds to me like the biggest challenge for any tag that will work across domains.

    Bottom line – I don’t know how they will do this without it being abused.