• Ian Leong

    Good tips overall for a challenge with which most of us have struggled. Just to add to the short PPC burst suggestion, Google offers $100 AdWords credit to new Google accounts. Depending on how competitive your core search phrases are, this could help generate several hundred visits with little to no out of pocket expense. Like everything else, please perform your due diligence on PPC best practices. Good luck, folks!

  • http://www.create-enable.com/ Baz Watkins

    A short burst of PPC is great if the website owner knows what he or she is doing. If not the free voucher will disappear in no time and it will cost more which will add to the frustration. If you go PPC get some pro advice, then be clnical with your ads, keywords and targeting.

  • jpmains

    I completely agree. Those vouchers don’t amount to much traffic at all. It needs to be large enough to generate decent traffic. If you’ve never done PPC campaigns before, find an expert to help out and you’ll have much better results.

  • jpmains

    It is definitely difficult to convince someone to switch to responsive with low traffic. But I’ve found they also tend to be the ones that aren’t quite as concerned about lead generation through their website.

  • http://www.bizwisdom.com.au/ Biz Wisdom

    Excellent tips. “Short Burst PPC spend” is a great idea.

  • http://warrenwhitlock.com/social-media-expert Warren Whitlock

    The good new for a small site is you can get very intimate with those that visit. Try testing a live chat or phone that is answered live. You may end up selling much more than the site by itself

  • Gemma Holloway

    That’s understandable – However, I do think it works both ways as in, they aren’t concerned with lead generation through their website because they don’t get any, therefore it is hard for them to see the potential.

  • Leonard Sipes

    Is there data to substantiate the fact that 95 percent of websites get less than 30 users a day? Thanks!!! Len.

  • http://www.limelightonline.co.nz/ Suzanne Carter

    I do agree with your ideas about how to drive some extra traffic but before that happens the website needs to be fully reviewed from a UX point of view. Yes, you can get the extra traffic but you need that traffic to actually convert to an enquiry, a sale, a booking and if the website is not appealing or user friendly then that is not going to happen.

  • http://www.optimization-labs.com/ John Paul Mains

    A design review is necessary as well as a solid understanding of your site goals, visitor flow and site analytics. Otherwise, you’re just guessing at what needs to be done, which is a waste of effort.

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