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    Having been in front of creating teams in the past I can see why the width of a border in a design at Google would be an important issue.

    First of all lets take into account that Google IS Data and interface, there isn’t a lot of place for elaborated graphics, and here isn’t a lot to play with, so elements like table borders have a huge impact on the general feel of the design.

    Take the following example:
    Example 1
    Example 2

    On the first example a single increase in the border width of a table changes the entire design completely, focusing the users attention on that particular table.

    On the example 2 we have the current Analytics design, that also tries to cache the users attention to that specific table, but by simply using a different light background on that very same table.

    So these small details play a crucial role on the usability of Googles Applications.

    I am very surprised that an experienced designer like Doublas would expect things to be different.