• http://weboxeur.com/ Wassim

    That’s just awesome. We could finally manipulate Matt Cutts.

  • http://www.hiseo.co.uk/ Nick Davison

    I wonder if he throws a barrel down every three months that bans a different form of link building until PPC is the only permissible way of marketing a site in Google that is left open to you!

  • Radha Kishan

    thats what Matt Cutts deserve. He made the whole seo industry jobless. Matt Cutts care a lot about users who search google but does those users dropped from heaven? Many of them are real crooks in their real life. People ranking good sites higher in google aren’t the users who improve google search results? Now don’t allow new sites to rank higher and this way there will only be old stuff higher in google. Who will link an e-commerce site naturally? One of my sites ranked no.1 in google for past 4 years and not even a single natural link it could get though there were so many visitors who were only interested in buying products on the site.

  • http://www.spiderindia.com/ Nathan

    One more game “Madoogle” is updated in Search Engine Roundtable. Its like a play on Angry Birds, the faces of SEO personalizes are used instead of the the birds.

  • mattsmith222

    ranking the actual game site on page 4 in US google.

    Google is BAD at ranking original, quality content on non-authority domains in a timely manner.

  • Thomas

    i found it on page three now… still not page one, bummer.