• http://hybridcities.blogspot.com/ Titus

    Here the proof that +1 Google Button is Stolen as well Copied concept. http://hybridcities.blogspot.com/2011/04/prove-that-1-google-button-is-stolen-as.html

  • http://matthewpack.com Matthew Pack

    its a little scary to see the big boys only occupy those pricing lists

    surely these are partnerships and should be scrutinised by the competition commission

    what will happen to the niche players like us 3.5m reservations for airport hotels and parking in the UK but we don’t feature, are we not big enough!

  • http://www.etourism.com.au Bryan Marsh

    I agree Matthew.

    The title of the drop down indicates they are ads… I assume paid advertisements. How are these companies paying for these advertisements?

    Google must be reading some type of feed… I doubt they are scraping the sites for those rates.

  • http://seopros.us Shawn M Hickman

    The OTA’s are dominating all of search lately when it comes to hotel marketing. You better have your rate parity in line or your customers are going to easily find out what they could have paid with pricing being pulled from all over the place.