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    “The fact that Google is an American company is also part of the subtext of all of this as well. If Google were a European company it would likely not be seeing as many complaints and the official comments about Google, such as by Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, would probably not be as inflammatory.”

    C’mon, I know you Yanks are historically isolationist, but I didn’t realise 11/9 (to use the correct format) had made you so paranoid about everyone else. Do you have any factual evidence to back up the above statement Greg?

    Europe is not one big federation, if Google was British, Spanish, French or German, it would probably face the same issues within the EU due to its size. We know the US is as laissez-faire as they come (thanks for that credit crisis by the way, still think the free market is best regulated by itself?), but over here you have to play by our rules whether you’re a resident or not. US imperialism post-Iraq and post-credit crunch is not going to wash any more.