• Derek Shropshire

    This looks like it will be a very nice tool. I wonder how effective it will be at removing duplicates and correcting inconsistencies, or if it is more of a tool to just submit new listings.

  • http://www.completewebresources.com Kyle Sanders

    Wow, significant decrease in submission cost from Neustar alone.

  • David Mihm

    Hey @derekshropshire:disqus, definitely hoping this helps with citation cleanup and inconsistencies. Would appreciate any feedback you have on our Duplicates feature at davidm@moz.com!

    @disqus_4dvPV2KAAd:disqus Yep, we’re hoping that no one ever has to decide which aggregator do they have a budget for — they’re all important & all can be reached through Moz Local :)

  • http://sidewalkbranding.co/ Sidewalk Branding Company

    David, can you be more specific regarding which listings “will revert to what it was before Moz Local’s involvement” in the event that MOZ Local services are terminated?

  • http://www.completewebresources.com Kyle Sanders

    Have you tested what happens when Yext-managed listings get turned off and use Moz?

  • David Mihm

    @SidewalkBrandingCo:disqus Yep, it’s in our FAQ as well but for some reason I can’t post a link here.

    It is Neustar Localeze and Acxiom’s policy to revert non-renewing listings to their pre-subscription state in the event of a cancellation. Other sites will stay as-is, but of course might be overwritten by future data from other parties.

  • David Mihm

    @disqus_4dvPV2KAAd:disqus We have not had any beta testers in that category, so I can’t give a definitive answer to what happens in that instance.

    I would say that our distribution network is substantially different from Yext’s, however, with a heavier focus on data aggregators. So at the very least, there wouldn’t be any ownership conflict on those sites. Additionally, with Foursquare you can authenticate your account directly thru Moz Local so you could manage it using multiple services.

    Hope that is somewhat helpful!

  • http://sidewalkbranding.co/ Sidewalk Branding Company

    Thanks for the quick reply David – much appreciated. Chris

  • http://goettemoeller.com Drew Goettemoeller

    Congrats David & Team!
    I’ve been trying to build something internally like this for the last few months. This is awesome and I’m insanely jealous of what you’ve accomplished. It really is precisely what was needed in the space. Now if you can just shore up the reporting portion of the tool you will definitely own the marketplace.

    I look forward to future iterations.

  • http://www.rhope.co Rick Hope

    Looks like a great useful tool, when do you think this will be rolled out for the UK as it only currently supports the USA.

  • raycassidy

    I notice in the comparisons nobody has mentioned it’s standing compared with Bright Local’s tools. Anybody know enough to pass comment? I was just about to throw my hand into the BL offering as I hadn’t expected this to reappear as soon.

  • Billy McAllister

    I’m going to give Moz Local a shot today for a few clients. I was going to go with Yext but the $499/year cost is hard to justify. It may not seem like much to some, but everyone’s budget is different.

  • http://www.feralcatproductions.com/ Richard Paredes

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Greg! Aside from the fact that I’ve had great respect for David and the Moz folks clear back to when I was still in online marketing, this tool brings great value! I intend to check it out for my own business’ use!

  • http://www.erikeric.com/ erikeric

    Great work, @davidmihm:disqus and Moz team, this is definitely something I’ll be advising others to check out because it’s got all of the 4 (~3.5) primary sources and it’s from you folks! Just do me a favor – bring back the large graphic showing the interconnections of the whole ecosystem – that’s always been my most effective sales tool.