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    That’s good news Matt. I was surprised to receive a postcard from Google LBC with information that a request was to be made on my local listing. They included the email address the request was made from and it belonged to a competitor! It was a nice reminder of who to watch out for. :)

  • http://silvery.com Chris Smith

    At that SMX session, there seemed to be an awful lot of focus on the terminology used for “hijacking”, rather than significantly improved methods for the issues involved.

    Jen seemed to be saying that a lot of people incorrectly used the term “hijacking” when something else might’ve been going on.

    While proper classification of issues may be important within Google, I’m not sure that this really resolves what the business owners involved are complaining of, which is incorrect data that others are adding to their listings.

    Perhaps if one reclassifies the problems as non-hijacking, it makes it appear that hijacking isn’t happening as much.

  • http://ifdebug.com Alistair Lattimore

    I’ll be sure to put this through its paces as our business has numerous listings that have incorrect data in them (verified) that we’ve been unable to rectify them for months now.