• Broman

    Heheh. I was waiting for that :D Thanks Danny.

  • http://www.dancewithshadows.com Babychen

    I think Rockway and Matt Cutts are saying the same thing. We are just falling for the spin by both. Rockway has a way of speaking that I can see is aggressive. Cutts has a gentler touch. But it is the same thing. Let’s see.

    >> It’s a bug that you could rank highly in Google without buying ads, and Google is trying to fix the bug. Manipulating Google results shouldn’t be something you feel entitled to be able to do.

    This is an aggressive way of saying that if you really want the top spot, get that top spot in Adwords, not in search results. That is where you pay money to Google to get that spot, and we know that is true.

    The rest? His point really (irrespective of the way he makes it) is that SEO can help you get the top spot in other ways, but that is in the end figuring out what Google does and tweaking your site and links to suit it, to get to the top spot naturally. He believes that this is not how it should be, and what YOU do should have zero effect on Google’s algo thinks. This is an ideal scenario in his mind – he does not say this is the case right now. The G algo will be powerful and mysterious enough to not be affected by any kind of SEO in his ideal world.

    Think about it – that is what Google would like too. They would like to be entirely in charge of deciding which site should come on top, and it should be a blackbox. This is not practical and they know it, but that is what anyone who runs a search engine would naturally want. God-like power, and God-like knowledge.

    His statements do not take anything away from Cutts’, and vice versa. Both are political statements.

  • http://about.me/chriskos Chris Kostecki

    I read the ads/ranking comment as meaning: Google is trying to get ads in front of more searches, they should be on the top of every SERP.

    This is reinforced with default AdWords settings to broad match keywords (including suggested keywords) and reflected with the Google Suggest to move diverse searches to a more unified query. Both are examples of users giving Google the control of interpreting the search instead of relying on specifics.

    While, as a marketer the value lies in longtail, for Google the scaling lies in the head terms and streamlining efforts.

  • http://blog.webpro.in Bharati

    In fact I think that good SEO contributes to the larger objectives of the web ecosystem and helps the web and the search engines in a very constructive way.

    Would like to share a post on how SEO helps the web and the search engines: http://blog.webpro.in/2011/02/how-good-seo-contributes-to-larger.html

    The problem arises when people who do not what genuine SEO is all about try to manipulate results.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    I think people overreacted to this. Many new SEOs make cryptic remarks that look like nonsense and no one jumps all over them. If the guy were in a position to determine something significant, that would be different.

    SEOs have to stop being so sensitive to the dumb crap that sometimes come out of search engine employees’ mouths. They’re allowed to be human, too.

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