• http://www.blizzardinternet.com CarrieHill

    Gotta tell you – if you dont live in a large-ish city this feature stinks. I live in the mountains 3 hours west of denver – over 2 mountain passes.

    I searched for “pizza” while signed into my Google account and say a 10 box for pizza places not even in the same AREA CODE – denver and colorado springs restaurants – over 3 hrs from me.

    I think this needs some work – especially for the millions of us that use it and dont live in a metro area.

    My $.02 :)

  • Matt McGee

    Carrie — where’s your ISP? I don’t exactly live in a big metropolis and it’s not great, but a lot better than you’re describing. We have maybe 150,000 in the Tri-Cities region.

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    I just checked “pizza” in Los Angeles and the 10 box appears in position #4. Problem is results read… Local business results for pizza near San Jose, CA 95134. Must be a ookie or something in Firefox, not logged in. Checked from IE7 and get Local business results for pizza near Culver City, CA. That’s much closer but not perfect. Clicking on the map though brings up what appears to be hundreds of pizza locations within a 20 mile radius. #nom nom

  • Wickerpedia

    Google has all that data and we’re led to believe they still use IP targeting to serve ads? I mean, anyone who has every search query I conducted and knows every link I ever clicked on can paint a pretty accurate demographic and geographic picture of me.

  • http://www.blizzardinternet.com CarrieHill

    @MattMcGee – our ISP is the city of Glenwood Springs, CO where the office is located – they provide community broadband and when I tested the IP it showed up in our town – not in denver. There are pizza places in Glenwood with local search presence so not sure why Google would show me Denver vs. local stuff.

    at HOME my ISP is Qwest – which is in Denver so that makes sense.

    I think this targeting is – again – for large-ish towns. We’re about population 12k I think – so pretty small.