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    I’ve been monitoring the Google site search/commerce search for quite a while. In general, they are good for small to maybe maybe medium ecommerce stores. So some more market share for them I guess.

    But, on the other hand, google is a web search company. commerce search for websites I guess is not their main focus. In fact, their site search shows that. For example, they don’t have good did-you-mean suggestion for their site search product. Also, the search is not integrated with the site closely.

    So bottom line is, there is room I think for niche search engine players. I am building a hot deal discussion forum search engine http://www.simpledealsearch.com , sometimes, I feel depressing that Google wins all in the search space. But other times, I think there got to be room for more specialized search engines, by focusing on a particular industry and do really really well.

    Anyway, just some rant from a small niche search player.

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