• daveintheuk

    Always amusing to watch Google and their employees on Twitter ( bleating when they feel wronged by a competitor … not nice for the abusive monopolist when the boot is on the other foot is it?

  • http://jamesjoe.com/ Joe

    totally agree!!

  • tdthirsk

    How dare a competitor build streamlined search functionality into their new product. Still, it’s not like there are any barriers to changing back, just as always…

  • nikata che

    That’s great. I just installed win8 yesterday but still need some time to learn how to use it. So different with the previous system. I saw bing on the desktop,but when I click it,It just gave me a picture which like a backgroud but like a searh page. Don’t like bing, still like google. I have bookmarked this page and will try it in my win8 tonight. To my joy,one of my main browser Avant can still work in win8,I will try firefox and chrome too tonight.My top three browsers,hope I can still use them.

  • 4u2discuss

    agree with what?

  • 4u2discuss

    oops wrong coment