• http://cartercole.com Carter Cole

    i want to be able to disable its updates coming in as messages in my inbox and i cant find controls anywhere

  • Todd Jackson

    This article is incorrect.

    Bradley Horowitz was misquoted and is following up with Danny Sullivan and Matt McGee, the author of this post.

  • ppropp

    I’ve now turned off Buzz as much as i can at this point. The whole thing is a disturbing example of over-reaching by a very powerful brand.

    For major brands to be ham-handed in the desire to goose growth is a classic mistake that I’ve talked about in my post “Googles “New Coke” http://bit.ly/aMJige

    I think the folk at Google still don’t understand the can of worms they have opened to a previously loyal base of GMail users. Might be a good time to invest in a fee based e-mail provider…