• http://www.clinkswebservice.com KimClink

    Great Post Barry,

    While I like the tool I am sorry to see Google push it forward (as I have seen in many of my client accounts) because it is missing the option to identify and add negative keywords.

    I blogged on this February 22nd, 2010 on AdWordsHelpExperts after I discovered the new tool was missing the negative match option. I contacted Google and received a comment stating that they were going to have the appropriate team review the issue…never heard back…

    Take Care and again great post, just wanted to comment on the negative keyword issue.


  • http://www.zen-e-solutions.com.sg raanzensg

    HI Buddy!!!

    Already the Google have advanced for rel time support…so i think they are not updated the new keyword phrase…meet again.

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    I don’t think that Google do any major chances in this keyword tool because its ole version is very advance and it has all think which i need for search keyword.if Google really want to bring something new with its new version that’s really a good news for us.